How This thing works..

OK.. before I'm starting to review visual novel
i will tell you guys how i will do the dirty work
first of all
one visual novel for each week... ok.. ^^
and for one title of the visual novel i will divide it into 3 or 4 part
first part is the description of the chosen visual novel
then the second part is the review itself
and the thirth part is download link... if you are interested to it... ^^
and then the last is walkthrough.. (only if i could find any)
and then that's all folks

my first project of this weeks will be
reviewing Edelweiss from Over drive
this is one of my favorite visual novel... ^^


3 Response to "How This thing works.."

sanders_levant mengatakan...

I'm not offending here... but I'll make some review at the selada forum...
like the hell I care with thiz so called money making blog

zaki_XI_P2 mengatakan...

who ask u to do the review?

sanders_levant mengatakan...


at least I already done the Soul Link one...

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