MY VN collection list

OK guys, here some of my collection..
it's not much but i've played it all and also nearly all of them is good
except for some game which is horrible...
most of the vn which i enlisted here are in english
i have a japanese one but i will not put it in the list
because not all of the people in this world able to read jap ^^

ok..... enough talking here is my list

Bible Black (ENGRISH) = be carefull... ^^
Brave Soul (engrish) = good cg, horrible gameplay
Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal (ENGRISH) = RPG...
Chain The lost Footprints (ENGRISH) = urgh??!?!
Come and see me tonight 2 (ENGRISH) = good2... simple story
Cosplay Fetish Academy (ENGRISH) = sensei.. i love u ^^(credit goes to kuro neko)
Crescendo (ENGRISH) = i cannot install it...... why???
Cross Channel (ENGRISH) = wwkwkwk... nice one... for men...
Da Capo (ENGRISH) = one of my favorite vn
Double Phase The Ashou Twins (ENGRISH) = urgh.. no comment...
Edellweiss (ENGRISH) = one of my favorite vn
Edellweiss Eiden Fantasia (ENGRISH) = the continuation from edelweiss
Ef the fairy tale of the two (ENGRISH) = also GREAT!... great pic...
Fading Hearts (ENGRISH) = the lightest game ever...
Family Project Keizaku (ENGRISH) = it's good ...
Figure of Happiness (ENGRISH) = another great vn
G-Senjou Maou (PARTIAL ENGRISH) = cool game...
Gadget Trial (ENGRISH) = Strategy, comedy, all girls robot.. NSC..
Girlfriend Of Steel , Evangelion (engrish) = good old days..
Heart De Roommate (of course, engrish) = good old days..
Higurashi, when they cry (ENGRISH) = GUro2... good...
Hinatabokko (engrish) = good cg...
Jewel Knight Crushader (ENGRISH) = interesting title... but the game??
Kanon Standard Edition, Kanon Original (ENGRISH)
Kira*Kira (ENGRISH) = Good... about music...kinda rare
Kira*Kira Curtain Call (ENGRISH) =the continuation of kira*kira
Mizuiro (ENGRISH) = one of the best vn...
Moero Downhill Night Type-R (ENGRISH) = fresh and new...
My Sex Slave is a Classmate (ENGRISH) = the title....explain the whole game
My Girlfriend is the president (PARTIAL ENGRISH) =one ofthe best vn
Pretty Soldier Wars 2048 (ENGRISH) = Urgh.. miss ... misss... miss...
Princess Eris (ENGRISH) , only one girl??...
Princess Waltz (ENGRISH), card game... GREAT!!
Sexy Beach 3 (ENGRISH) = too much....
Sharin no Kuni Hiwamari no shoujo(engrish), one of the best VN
Sharin no Kuni ShounenShoujo (ENGRISH),the continuation of hiwamari no shoujo
Suika A.S. (ENGRISH) = i dont know how to say this
Shera My Witch (ENGRISH) = good2...
Soul Link (ENGRISH) = one of the best vn
Sengoku Rance aka Rance 7 (ENGRISH) = hoho... rance ur the best
Tears To Tiara (ENGRISH) = good gameplay.. but the cg??
Utawarerumono (ENGRISH) = one of the best vn
Utawarerumono Mini Game (Jepun) = whatever... becoz it's action game...
Wanko to Kurasou (ENGRISH), touching story.. T_T
Wind, a breath of heart (ENGRISH)
XChange, entah yg mano (ENGRISH) uh....
Yume Miru Kusuri (ENGRISH)
YS: oath at felghana (ENGRISH)
YS: 1 & 2 (ENGRISH) = sWT...

Shin Koihime Musou (suspended) URGH... I downloaded the wrong one
Muv Luv (still downloading)
Eien no Aselia (Suspended) Urgh... i have to update my directx
Autumn (astra 9) there's 9 ending?? wtf..
Doushin Same Heart
Saya no Uta (kinda scary)
Chaos Head (my Priority)
Do You Like Horny Bunnies 1 & 2
Amorous Professor Cherry

OK.. maybe you r confused about the word ENGRISH
it's mean the game is in english
but my friend and I usually call it engrish.. ^^
btw most of the credit goes to C.Arawn.Sander

3 Response to "MY VN collection list"

sanders_levant mengatakan...

Zzzz... Don't cOpas so Boldly...

++++ if people outside Palembang see thiz, how can they get the game???

think before posting man...

and I already update the list... so you must change it too...

zaki_XI_P2 mengatakan...

wohoho.. you didn't read my previous post..

i know.. i will update it after you add at least 10 game ^^

sanders_levant mengatakan...

bzzz.... 10 games??
what a pain --"

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