Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia (Overview)

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at first i don't want to review a sequel of a vn
but, because i already done reviewing the sequel of kira kira
so like it or not i have to review the sequel from edelweiss
that is edelweiss Eiden fantasia

Title: Edelweiss eiden fantasia

just like the previous game you are playing as kazusi, a loser who transferred to a girls school,
this is the continuation from the previous game, kazushi who ended up "single" after the summer
holiday, scared to be called as an only virgin in the group so he trying to find a girlfriends.
the end of summer vacation is only the begining of "girlfriend hunt" for kazushi.

My Opinion
yeah, you are playing as a kazushi again.. and again... but this time the girls are only sakura and rin
, so you have to choose among those two only. This game is easy, very very easy, you just read the story and
tada.... you have the girls ending. After the "SONY" incident(very funnY) you will be offered to choose which
storyline do you like, sakura rumble, or rin, kazushi, and poko
and it kinda obvious which girl you will get depending on which story you will choose.

unlike the first edelweiss game, the story in this game is focused on humor and romance, yeah no sad story
and both of the girls in this game are happy in the end..(spoiler allert)
even the harem sesion the both girls are doing it in "happy" ways...
oh yeah this game has a harem ending, only when you've finished reading both of the girls ending
and at the selection of the story will appear selection "True Ending"
is it really a true ending??
who knows....


Sakura is one of kazushi classmate, the girl who oftenly mistaken as a lesbian, who's fault is that?
Sakura likes breast, yeah Breast he likes to touch other girls breast especially Rin's breast,she is
the roomate of rin, and also the best friend of rin.
Sakura has a good talent in acting, yeah you will see her act after you play the game ^^.


Rin is one of kazushi classmate, who will be the vice president of the class. She happen to like Kazushi
because of her wet dream..(i guess?) or because of kazushi often helping her doing her chores.
Rin is a shy girl yet very friendly, she become a friend with poko in no time...and it kinda weird for me...
(you will know the reason after you play the game..) and as i already mentioned above Rin is a roomate of sakura
and happen to be her best friend too.

ok then,that's all for the overview,
for the download links i will add it on the next post..

Bonus: here is some pic from the game.....

Your class vs My Class

Kazushi x Sakura

rin x kazushi

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