Kira*Kira Curtain call...

Kira-Kira Curtain call,,, is a fan disk based on previous game called
it's still about a band, and this time is Rock and Roll, Yeah rock and roll baby,..

Title: Kira*Kira Curtain Call
Translator: MangaGamers

you are playing as a.... shit i forget the main character name...
let say.. "rocker".. you are playing as a rocker who want to be a rockstar,
oh yeah he have another dream which is to become a sun.. a sun who always shining bright for everyone.His favorite band is Ramones, i think he's kinda chauvinism because he think another band besides ramones are suck. In order to achieve his dream he join the light music club, and formed a band with his senior and got nowhere. Dissapointed with the band he formed another band which is called "SUPER ROCK N ROLLERS" with his childhood friend and two "stranger"....
can you guess what will happen with to the band...
only god knows it.. LOL

My opinion
Well, i have bought this game a long time ago.. yeah when mangagamers first time releashed it.. i actually bought one, but i haven't played it yet up until a weeks ago, i don't know why, i feel there is some kind of force preventing me to play this game, and finally last week i decided to play this game. My first impression of this game is Boring, yeah just like G-senjou no Maou... the first chapter of this game is boring, no jokes, nothing interesting, just a plain storyline, and also the main character is kinda pissed me off..(after playing it maybe you know why), but again the story changed from boring to interesting when the main character decided to form a band, yeah the band which have an unique member, each member has their own characteristic, the drummer who play drums like a robot, a bassist who busy on his own bass, the lead guitar(maybe..i dont know for sure) who is slow...and the crappy vocalist and guitarist..(yup that's our protagonist).that is the interesting part for me.. the bassist and vocalist fight a lot, yeah i said a LOT!!! even on the stage the both of them fight each other which is kinda funny. About the artwork, the artwork just like the previous game, Kira*kira, and Edelweiss the quality of the character appear on the screen (on screen character) and the character appear on the cg is very-very different, yeah that is the flaw from the artwork, but if you ask me.. the artwork still awesome. About the music, again.. its awesome.. yeah, i kinda like the background music and also the music which is played in the game....
About the storyline, it's still have a sad storyline.. just like edelweiss.. yeah why must Overdrive made such a touching storyline.. T_T..

oh yeah ,i found something weird in this game, i don't know for sure, but some of the words in this game are sencored...yeah when the girls said d*ck.. it sencored..
it's kinda weird for me though...

but I really recommended this game for those who are interested in band, or maybe visual novel.. lol


it's one of your childhood friends, the protagonist are fell in love with her,
but this protagonist has done something kinda bad, so they cannot close to each other, they have to be separated at least two meters away...
poor protagonist...
oh yeah, she is the vocalist and also the guitarist of second literature club.


another your childhood friends, she is the bassist of second literature club,
and also she is yui best friend, she is kinda cold with the another man, and likes to tease the protagonist a lot.

3.Mami (the girl genius)..

She is another childhood friends of your, especially a sister of your best friends,
she is called "Girl GeniuS" because she is able to play anything and mastered it..
yeah she even surpasses the senior and her brother, despise his "geniusity" she is rather clumsy and humble, she likes to appologise a lot.. yeah a lot, and for everything.


it is a band which you've formed and you loved the most...the band which you will manage for a while.the member is protagonist as a vocalist, Kazu as a guitarist, Akki as a bassist, and shou as a drummer...

5.Second literature club

your rival in the school and in the band world, the most favorited group in the school, yeah even the protagonist admitted that this band is good. the member of the band is yui as a guitarist and vocalist, girl genius as the guitarist, yuko as a bassist, glasses girl as a keyboardist, and some weird girls as a drummer.

yup i thinks that's all for now..
i will add the download link latter on...
thanks for reading..

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