Kira*Kira Curtain links[Hotfiles] English

right now, i'm having a financial problem, if you don't mind.. please send me a donation to support my work..
i really-really appreciate it..
if it didn't work you can use the donate button on the right..
thanks for your kind consideration..^^

Ok then, for those who cannot wait...

here is the download links...
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

and for the crack [eng]

you don't need a walkthrough in this game, because the game is not that long, and also it only have two route, and it's kinda obvious to choose which storyline you are going into....

ok.then.. enjoy the game...

oh yeah.. as the bonus.. here is two my fav song from kira*kira curtain call

Wing your ways

Kira*kira~all star version~


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