Kira*Kira[overdrive] download links and walkthrough

sorry for the late update, i have a problem with my internet connection and also the computer, damn ISP.....
but now, the wait is finally over, here is the link to download KIRA*KIRA

go go go go...

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[Hotfile] watch out!! its hot.. 17 part... duh,..
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like usual, how to install it
1. Mount or burn the image file with Daemon Tools
2. Install the game
3. PLAY! The CD/image is not required.

Required CPU: Pentium III 800MHz
Recommended CPU: Pentium 4 1.4GHz
Required Memory: 256MB
Recommended Memory: 384MB
Required Resolution: 800x600
Required Colors: 16bit colors
Recommended Colors: 24bit colors
Required Graphics: 4MB VRAM
Recommended Graphics: 32MB VRAM
Required HDD Free Space: 2GB
DirectX: DirectX 8.1, Direct3D

And for the walkthrough
here is the link...
go go go

random dialog from kira2:
Kashiwara:"Why did he cut his arm on the stage or struck someone with his instrument?"
Murakami: "If you're going to do a band, something like this should be your goal."
*some lines later*
Kashiwara:"I see. I really don't want to, but if I have to, I'll hit the audience with my instrument."

Another dialog
Rival club: "If we win, we'll get your day off. We'll go on dates..."
Murakami: "Hey...
It just dawned on me, if we lose, do I have to go on a date with you guys too?"
Rival club: "You don't have to go"
Murakami: "I'm disappointed"

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