Edelweiss (over drive) Overview

One of the game which is made by Overdrive. very good storyline and also cg.
let leave the review later.
OK.. now i will tell you a little background of the story
kazushi and his gang are one of the outcast group in his class, and also
they never get a good score in school, but one day their life is about to change.
They found a program which will let them to have a best school life ever, an student tranfers program.
The one who passes the test will be sent to a girl school and study about alchemy.
Kazushi and the gang are agreed to study harder in order to pass the test itself, with a hope that they will be famous over there because they will be the only male in school.
but, the truth is always cruel....

2.1 Kazushi
The Main protagonist he and his group of friends come
to the island to get girls.He is a nice guy, and also
the one who has the brain(i guess..), compared to his friend
(especially Appo) Kazushi is less perverted, and also
sometimes he make his friend jealous, because of the girl
are kinda stuck with him.

2.2 Appo
Pervert is the best way to describe his personality.
despise his perverted personality he has a good heart inside,
because of that he is one of the best friend of the protagonist.

2.3 Pierre
the one and only friend of the protagonist whom is not a virgin anymore,
yeah he lose his virginity to ********(spoiler alert).
He has a sideburns and kinda proud about it, even though his friends are
hated it. He just like Appo, but with a less perverted personality
(only a little..)but sometimes he will give you a good advice.

2.4 Daigo
A very big man and rounds out your group, sometimes he is mistaken
as a 30 years old. Unlike his big body, he has a sentiment heart,
sometimes he get over emotional and act like a animal.

2.5 Panchu
one of the man who Kazushi and the gang thing is a god.
he often helps Kazushi and also give them some great advice.
oh yeah.. he is one of the student in the school, and he likes
to bake bread.

2.6 Haruka Aozora
She was born and raised on Eiden island where there are
plenty of nature around.She is the grand doughter of the school president,
and also She is a school president. She is one of student who believe Kazushi
and the gang very much, She also has very kind heart, She likes to help
Her friend.She does not know too much about the outside world, so sometimes
she appears to be little clumsy. She is extremely
curious about the boys from other places. She makes others
hearts pound because of her defenselessness.

2.7 Mizuki Hinata
She loves to swim and the reason why she entered Eiden school
is so she can swim in the ocean all the time. Because of the
current, the water near the Eiden island is always warm.
She would even swim naked if she finds a little free time.
(although, since the boys saw her do that, she hasn’t done it)
She is popular among the girls as well. She has groupies at the
academy.Because she doesn’t have too much experience being with
boys, sometimes she acts rather rude, however, she yearns for being
in love, also she likes little nicknacks.

2.8 Ran Kamoike
Her hobby is to make money yeah making money, she is mr.crabs.
She believes in “even dirty money builds a house.
” She makes money selling things like “how to be popular among girls
(of course not the truth)” and “a picture of a naked woman (supposedly)”.
She makes little money here and there by running a dishonest “business”.
She is good at counting money and finding opportunities to make money
but not good at academics.Despite her activities, she is actually
rather shy and individualist.

2.9 Natsume Amamiya
She is a mysterious girl.She seems to be appear only at night,
She doesn’t talk much or likes to mingle with other people, so she
hardly has any friends---boys or girls, is she a ghost?

2.10 Mei Ibuki
The teacher of the main character’s class.
She is a graduate of Eiden Academy and in her mid-20’s. She
attracts boys,including the main character, with her charm,
which could be used to control them sometimes.Unusual at all
girls school, she is very popular among the
female students. The girls respect and look up to her.
but she doesn't has any memories about her past, what
happened to her and why she ended up in Eiden academy
When she drinks, her personality changes and she cries a lot.

ok, thats all... about the review i will give you later
btw, some credit goes toeskimobil4575 and c.arawn.sander

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sanders_levant mengatakan...

Swt... why don't you post the cover of the game here...

and also post the screenshot within your next review...

zaki_XI_P2 mengatakan...

it's not a review..
it just an overview from the game
i will give the review tonight..

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