G-senjou no maou (devil on g-string)

weird title ee??
but trust me, this game is really-really good
it developed by akabeesoft2, the same maker of Sharin no kuni, himawari no shoujo
and here is the description...

Title :G-senjou no Maou
Original title :G-線上の魔王
Aliases :The Devil on G-String
Length :Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Links :Wikipedia, Encubed
Publishers :Akabei Soft2
Translation :TLWiki & Aegis

You play the role of Azai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city - a beautiful girl named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as "Maou". Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits.

G Senjō no Maō's story revolves around Kyōsuke Azai, the adopted son of Gonzō Azai (浅井権三, Gonzō Azai?), a yakuza leader. Kyōsuke works under Gonzō in the hopes of raising and returning the debt that his father owes the yakuza and for the sake of his sick mother. One day, a girl named Haru Usami transfers into Kyōsuke's school who declares herself to be a "hero" and asks if Kyōsuke knows someone named Maō. Kyōsuke says that he does not, but later that evening, receives a letter from "Maō". Gonzō instructs him to find and capture Maō.

Throughout the story, Maō engages Haru in a variety of ways by threatening those around her. The first incident involves Tsubaki where her brother is kidnapped with Maō asking for an exorbitant sum that can only be paid if Tsubaki's family sells their land and moves. Kyōsuke helps Tsubaki obtain the necessary funds as he himself is interested in getting Tsubaki to move due to him having an investment in the company that wants to get the Miwa family off their land.

In the second incident, a threat is sent to Gonzō that asks Kanon to purposely throw away her chance at the Olympics so that another skater can represent Japan instead. The threat turns out to be a diversion as Maō's actual target was Gonzō. Gonzō had considered this possibility and he evades being killed by the bomb that Maō placed under his vehicle. The third incident involves Yuki Tokita trying to extort money out of Mizuha Shiratori's father. Yuki is actually Mizuha's half-sister but she and her mother was driven out of the household which drives Yuki to want to exact revenge on Mizuha's father. Kyōsuke and Haru manage to outwit Yuki. Kyōsuke had rashly asked for help from the yakuza which gets him in a lot of trouble with Gonzō for daring to order his men around.

Maō is revealed to be Kyōsuke's brother, Kyōhei. Kyōhei hates Haru and Gonzō because Haru's parents are the ones that drove his father into debt and to commit murder and because Gonzō's loan sharks drove his father into such a helpless situation. Kyōhei initiates an elaborate scheme that drives most of the city into chaos. He demands the release of several criminals including his father and while most of the criminals he asked to be released were ignored, his father was on the pardon list and he agrees to the conditions and pulls his men out.

Kyōhei is able to evade capture at the end of the incident and pays Kyōsuke and Haru a visit later. After a struggle between him and Haru, he escapes from the apartment with Haru giving chase and ultimately murdering Kyōhei. The two brothers talk for one last time before Kyōhei dies from his bullet wound. Haru's memories of the incident are slightly clouded and during the police interrogation, Kyōsuke tricks the cops into believing that he was the one that killed Kyōhei and spares Haru from a criminal conviction. Eight years later, Kyōsuke reunites with Haru and his daughter.

My Opinion
First off all, when I played this game, i found this game is kinda boring, yeah really- really boring (at the opening of chapter 1) it's about school life and your boring friends, but it's all changed when "MAOU" appear, yeah the story really-really changed, it just like death note when L chasing the truth about kira, but in this game L is replaced by Haru, and Kira is replaced by Maou. The both of them fighting using their head, the Maou give some problem and haru will solve it (just like a school ^^) but that's not only the reason why this game is good, the artwork of this game is awesome too just like Sharin no kuni, himawari no shoujo but of course different storyline and character, and the background music is always good, classical music is the best!!!. but, there's one flaws in this game,
the plot of the game is like this
Chapter 1 (introduction) => Chapter 2 (Tsubaki) => Chapter 3 (Kanon) => Chapter 4 (Mizuha) => Chapter 5 (Haru).

so when i played the game, when I get to chapter 2, i decided to choose Tsubaki route, so i entered her storyline and guest what? we will skip the rest of the chapter so it's kinda bad, when we don't know what will happen in haru route or the rest of it.

this game is good but not all of the chapter is translated AKA it's still partial english, TLWIKI still translating this game and the current process is 78.8% for the translation and 30%-40% of the edit, so i guess it will be finished for about next two month, yeah it's a long road ahead. but if you still wanted to play this game you can download the partial english patch which is i will give you next time, and the translated patch is only covering chapter 1 through 3.

Character (taken from animehistory)
1.浅井 京介 – Asai Kyousuke

The protagonist you incarnate. Seeing school as a mere method to avoid stress, Kyousuke is an average high schooler, lazy with studies and hanging around with his friends, especially Eiichi. What he likes? Money but that’s related to his lifestyle which isn’t exactly as the appareances seem to be. The other true hobby he has a fond of is classics, especially Bach, and “Air on the G string“.

Kyousuke will quickly show some deviant morals as Gonzou’s “education” will have a certain impact on him: because of specific circumstances, Kyousuke will be obsessed with money and his efforts and genius business skills will permit him to be trusted well by Gonzou.

As the story goes on, Kyousuke will be hit by the reality and will soon realize what he lost during all these years, with his bound with either girl, but that’s not as easy as it sounds to be.

2.宇佐美 ハル – Usami Haru

At first glance, she is very odd, asocial and hardly talkative. However, as soon as she is acquainted, she is very friendly, caring with everyone. With such “normal” personality, Haru is also gifted with sharp senses of observation and deductions, which will be unvaluable against Maou and his schemes.

Very little is known about her past and her connection with Maou. However, Haru will reveal a darker side of herself…

3.浅井 花音 – Asai Kanon

Daughter of Asai Gonzou, Kyousuke’s sister-in-law. She is the “genki” girl to be short: very energetic, easy going. Naive and a bit childish, she is very clingy with Kyousuke, whom she considers as a sibling despite they aren’t related by blood.

She is an famous figure skater, candidate for Olympics selection.
However, too much pressure on her shoulders will…

4.美輪 椿姫 – Miwa Tsubaki

Kyousuke’s classmate. A very sweet and gentle girl, who has the tendency to be friends with everyone. Slightly airhead and naive, she has however a strong sense of friendship and family.

She is living with her big family (her parents, and 4 siblings) in a modest house. However, a famous building company wishes to construct a hotel on this location, and this will lead to problems…

5.白鳥 水羽 – Shiratori Mizuha

Kyousuke’s classmate. Kyousuke barely knows her from afar, as she is very distant and silent.
Despite his attempt to befriend her, she gives him a very cold shoulder and seems to dislike him a lot, as she exposed him and his obsession with money.

Her father is the principal of the school, and it seems he isn’t exactly a saint, as he is involved with some corruption cases.

6.時田 ユキ – Tokita Yuki

Haru’s friend. Yuki is a very intriguing girl who seems to enjoy teasing people with her words and sharp understanding of behaviours and the like.
Playful and mysterious, she likes Haru a lot, though the later is a bit reluctant and uneasy with her.

Being the daughter of a Elite Police Investigator, Yuki learnt early human psychology and negociations basis, and soon, her outstanding skills became aknowledged among her father’s surrounding, but by Haru as well.

i will give you the download links next time

2 Response to "G-senjou no maou (devil on g-string)"

Tsuyoshi mengatakan...

"Kyōsuke tricks the cops into believing that he was the one that killed Kyōhei and spares Haru from a criminal conviction."

This is actually inaccurate, considering he was the one who shot and killed Kyouhei (Maou), he was merely attempting to completely remove her from the crime scene so that she could live a prosperous life as a violinist while he shouldered all of the blame himself.

Tsuyoshi mengatakan...

Oh, and also Kanon, Gonzou, and Kyousuke's surname is "Azai" not "Asai", while they are both written with the same kanji it's important to note the difference in this case due to Maou using "Asai" as his name to attempt to divert Gonzou's attention to Kyousuke, as well as using it in the police negotiations with Yuki's father.

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