Soul Link overview

Ok then.. let's come to our second game..
which is Soul link..
this is game is good... really really good
i like this game a lot.. because of the grafic and also the rich story line.
Here's some info about it

Title: Soul Link
Language: English
Resolution: 800x600
Voiced: Fully voiced
Released: 2009-12-28
Age rating: 18+
Publisher: MangaGamer
File size: 790 MB??

The Background of the story

In AD 2045, a group of military cadets, attending the preparatory course of the Central Military Academy, proceeded for training aboard the space station Aries. Within this group of cadets were Ryota Aizawa and his classmates including Sayaka Nagase and Kazuhiko Nitta. The situation went sour when a terrorist group called "Jararacas" took over the station. While the military successfully evacuated the station, Ryota and his group were trapped aboard. Ryota's big bro, Aizawa Shuhei is a bright hope at their worst situation, but suddenly something wrong happened to him. Worse still, the boarding assault left most of the military forces dead, effectively leaving the cadets on their own.

An unexpected twist occurs when a mysterious virus was released within the station, gaining control of almost all personnel of Jararacas and turning them into mindless creatures in the process. This creatures called Skura, whom form is look like an amoeba, with high regeneration rates and high level intelligence. This forced everyone, friend and foe alike, to find a way out of the station alive. Well, the "Soul Link" is one of the neccesary key for them.

The character.. ^^

1. Morisaki Nao

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height=161cm (5ft 3in.)
Bust/Waist/Hips=90cm/60cm/86cm (35in/24in/34in)
Birthday= October 19th

Nao is voiced by “Nagasawa Hitomi” (A.K.A. this woman), and is one of the kindest characters in the story. Quite the opposite of Shuuhei, Nao would probably never hurt a fly. She admires Shuuhei’s strength and always wants to be with him. She chose to become a cadet in order to follow after Shuuhei.Although she was unsure of what she could do to help Shuuhei at first, she soon found the nursing program. While she realizes she won’t be able to support him from the front lines, she hopes that her medical training will allow her to offer him support and help keep him alive if he comes back injured. Her heroine is Florence Nightingale.Shuuhei and Ryouta have both been two of her most important friends ever since she was little. She is an excellent cook and always very kind and tender to others. However, she is still capable of taking a stand, and at times even Shuuhei gives in to her. She is also quite fond of children.

2.Yuu yamanami

Next up is Yuu Yamanami.

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height= 168cm (5ft 6in.)
Bust/Waist/Hips= 89cm/61cm/86cm (35in/24in/34in)
Birthday= November 8th

Yuu Yamanami is voiced by Midori (A.K.A. this woman), and is what one would consider the cold or cool type of woman. Unlike Sayaka and Aki, Yuu doesn’t express much emotion and prefers to only say what’s necessary. Her attitude helps keep her an outsider to the rest of the group.Yuu is also the only civilian left aboard the Aries with Shuuhei and the others. However, her dislike of working with others and her independent actions causes Shuuhei to suspect that there might be more to her story. It also appears that she is only half-Japanese.As one who says very little about herself, her skills and interests remain mysteries to most people. Perhaps a very different Yuu lies beneath the secrets she hides?

3.Nitta Aki

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height=158cm (5ft 2in.)
Bust/Waist/Hips 77cm/55cm/79cm (30in/22in/31in)
Birthday=June 15th

Aki is voiced by Ono Marina, and is what some might call a firecracker. She is quick to learn new things, and is highly skilled in computers and several other areas, but this talent has gone to her head. She believes that those with appropriate talent and skill are the ones who should be given responsibility and only respects those who have proven themselves capable. The idea of rule by seniority absolutely disgusts her.Although she’s not afraid to speak her mind against any incapable superiors, she does realize it isn’t good to make everyone in the hierarchy an enemy so she will brown-nose those with actual ability. She also has a low tolerance for idiocy and is quick to point out the flaws with someone’s idea or to make a sassy remark in reply to someone’s joke.She is a very strong willed girl and can be quite stubborn at times. She is also impatient, which is ironic since she can end up making others wait when she gets frustrated by hard to crack security programs. Still, Aki can also be a playful girl or even a tease.

4.Nagase Sayaka

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height= 160cm (about 5ft 3in)
Bust/Waist/Hips= 83cm/57cm/81cm (33in/22in/32in)
Birthday= December 10th

Sayaka is voiced by “Goutokuji Aiko” (A.K.A. this woman), and shows great promise for the future. She has proven to be reliable when a task needs to be done and she has served as a leader for her class at the academy. She is quite curious and isn’t afraid to ask questions either.Sayaka’s driving force for joining the military is her desire to operate all manner of vehicles. She loves driving cars and bikes, steering boats, piloting planes, and more. If it’s a vehicle of any kind, Sayaka probably has every manner of license available for it. As a military cadet, she is excited about the opportunity to pilot spacecraft, drive tanks, and operate all other kinds of vehicles which civilians are prohibited from operating. She realizes that she will eventually have to limit herself to one military vehicle in the future, and she already has her eye on becoming a fighter pilot, since that seems to be the fastest vehicle they offer.She is very impressed by Shuuhei and his actions. Perhaps she even admires him some. However, she has had a soft spot for Ryouta ever since they first met. She tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve and show a wide range of expressions. When she wants some time alone to think, she often visits the hallway along the outer bulkhead so she can gaze out upon the stars.

5.Aizawa Ryouta

Ryouta is voiced by Koike Takezou (A.K.A. this guy), and is featured as the main character in Chapter 2. Unlike his brother, Ryouta is very indecisive and has trouble bringing himself to take action. He usually follows rules and protocol, which has left him quite bored at the academy. It’s hard to imagine him taking the initiative to do something.However, Ryouta is a very kind person. Shuuhei believes this kindness is one of Ryouta’s strengths and hopes this strength will give him the courage he needs to act and accomplish great things. Ryouta isn’t so sure he can respond to his brother’s hopes for him, but it’s true that he hates the thought of his friends and comrades being hurt.Since he was always protected and cared for by his brother Shuuhei, Ryouta can seem a little immature for his age, but this does change throughout the story. He seems to have an inclination towards Sayaka, but both Aki and Yuu are new to the Aries, so only time will tell…

6.Aizawa Shuhei

Shuuhei is voiced by “Healthy Tarou” (A.K.A. this guy), and is arguably the main character of the story. He is a man of action and doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger when it counts. When the Aries falls under attack, Shuuhei is the one who takes charge and leads the other cadets who remain trapped on board.He is a quick-thinker and often surprises others with his acute judgment in battle situations, but he still can’t stop from telling the occasional dirty joke. As a cadet in the military academy, he is receiving officer training. Although he hopes war never breaks out, in the event that it does, he intends to serve on the front lines in order to protect his country and the people he cares about.The two people he cares about most are his little brother Ryouta, who he’s always protected and helped raise since they were little; and Morisaki Nao, who is both a childhood friend and someone special to him. The three of them have been together for many, many years and they share a strong bond with each other.

7.Supporting Character

7.1 Cellaria Markelight

For those interested, here are her measurements:
Height= 171cm (5ft 7in)
Bust/Waist/Hips= 98cm/63cm/93cm (39in/25in/37in)
Birthday= November 4th
Cellaria is voiced by Iwama Nobuko (A.K.A. this woman). She is a special instructor called in from the US to act as a military advisor. She teaches English, Mechanics, and organizes special military exercises for the cadets on board the Aries. She can be strict about the rules, but is typically a kind teacher who cares about her students. She seems to be a calm person who keeps her cool, but sometimes she can act quite passionately. Many of the cadets on board the Aries adore her. When danger strikes, she fights alongside Shuuhei as one of the few characters with live-combat experience.

7.2 Nitta Kazuhiko

Kazuhiko is voiced by Mizuki Shuu (A.K.A. this man). He is the heir to one of the nation’s largest corporations and he made the academy accept his custom ordered uniform. For some reason, he seems to view Ryouta as a rival and takes every available opportunity to leave a snide remark with him. He has a vast array of knowledge and many of the other cadets call him a walking encyclopedia. Like many of the other cadets, he lacks combat experience, but his specialty lies with computers. However, the constant thorn in his side is the fact that his little sister, Aki, is even better than him.As often comes with such wealth and power, Kazuhiko is arrogant and prideful. He knows formal manners and how to act polite, but he certainly does not like being treated as equal to any commoner like Shuuhei or Ryouta. Perhaps it is this attitude of his and those around him which led to Aki’s distaste towards incapable superiors, but the truth is that he truly cares for his little sister.

Morimoto Shigemichi

Morimoto is voiced by Nagano Isamu (A.K.A. this man) and is the oldest character who failed to evacuate the Aries. He is the assistant manager of the Aries and focuses on its offerings to civilian passengers. He demonstrates excellent professionalism and takes great pride in his work. He is a kind and honest person so there isn’t anyone who dislikes him. He also has a sly sense of humor and an easy-going manner of speech. His hobbies are the violin and magic tricks.

Inatsuki Nanami

Nanami is voiced by Maki Izumi (A.K.A this woman) and is one of the last characters to be found on the Aries after the evacuation. She is always bright and optimistic, cheering up all of those around her. She loves to eat and sweets are her absolute favorite. Just as you would expect from her looks, she tends to not understand many things, but she also has an exceptional ability to pick up new things.

OK then that's the end of the overview..
please comment if you want to add something
credit goes to c.arawn sander and Mangagamers..
Enjoy and thx 4 reading

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