Infolinks Dream ON!!!! YEAH.. Dream ON!!!

Dream on baby!!!

Infolinks... maybe some of you already know what infolinks is..
(if you read my blog i assume you know it already ^^)
yeah it's one of the best linking text to revenue, in my opinion..
the reason is......because infolinks makes me happy..

yeah infolinks makes me happy by giving me a hope to be independent..
from I was just a little boys, my parents always told me what to do
and always provides me with anything necessary for my future, without
giving me a chance to act independent... everything is decided by them.
and one day i'm starting to work in order to get more money, but they didn't allow me to because i have to concentrate on university entrance test...
so I asked my friend how to make money but it didn't consume my time, and can be done anytime, so he introduced me to some "MLM" business which never gave me any profit until now.

in a despair i asked another one, and he said "why don't you make a website and post something great?" his suggestion "stab" me, how can i didn't think about it before?
and so I started blogging..

and i face my first problem, i cannot moneytise my blog because my blog is "too young" and also G**gle keeps rejecting me..

but this time i didn't give up i keep on searching, and one day on my facebook account
i saw a banner yeah, a special banner "Infolinks" banner. so as a response I apply to Infolinks, but two days latter i got an email that says My Infolinks account are
accepted. I cannot believe but yeah it's the truth, now i'm still using infolinks in order to fulfill my dreams which is make my own money and enjoying my own money which i got from writing the thing which i like, VISUAL NOVEL. I kinda like reading
especially reading something which make my emotion rise and fall..
but i kinda bored with novel, so i asked my friend and she gave me Visual novel.
it's kinda like a regular novel all you do is reading, but with a graphic
so i can get a picture about the character looks like.
everytime i found a great visual novel i always share it with my friend.
but this time i'm not going to share it only with my friends but also to the world
by writing a review about it.

regarding to the second question, what can infolinks do in order to make me really happy is keep supporting my blog or my writing and helps me fulfill my dreams is
to go to japan with my friends, yeah having a holiday at your dreamed country, and
together with your best friends who always been there for me through thick and thin.
I cannot stop imagining or daydreaming what would we do if we really are in japan.
taking picture of mount Fuji, or maybe learning japanese culture.
It will be the best moment from my life


To those who didn't know or have infolinks account
you can visit their website

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