Utawarerumono Overview

hup... here's another great visual novel,
lets get thing started !!!

This time is Utawarerumono
yeah very great game, no wonder it is adapted into manga and Anime.
here is the description about it:
Developer Leaf
Publisher Aquaplus
Genre ADV+SLG (S-RPG), Eroge, Visual novel
Rating 18+ (PC) 15+ (PS2) 15+ (PSP)
Platform PC, PlayStation 2, PSP
Released April 26, 2002 (PC), October 26, 2006 (PS2), May 28, 2009 (PSP)

Author Aquaplus
Illustrator Arō Shimakusa
Publisher MediaWorks
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Dengeki G's Magazine
Original run September 30, 2005 – November 30, 2006
Volumes 2

TV anime
Director Tomoki Kobayashi
Studio Oriental Light and Magic
Licensor United States Funimation
Network TV Asahi, Chiba TV, TV Saitama, TVK
English network United States Anime Network
Original run April 3, 2006 – September 25, 2006
Episodes 26 (List of episodes)

Utawarerumono is a story centering around the masked protagonist, Hakuoro, who one day is found by a family of two girls and their grandmother in a nearby forest close to their village. He is badly injured and is soon found to have amnesia, so they take him to their home and treat him until he is well again. Hakuoro is soon accepted into their village where he stays and lives with them, but before long Hakuoro finds that life in this village is being oppressed by the greedy emperor who rules over the country their village resides in. Soon after, these negative actions taken towards their village result in him leading a rebellion against the emperor of the country which later lands him to become emperor of a vast new country which is named Tusukuru, after the well-respected woman who helped save his life.

After becoming emperor and things begin to calm down, Hakuoro soon finds out that peace is hard to maintain and finds himself constantly in battle in order to protect the peace of his country and his people. Eventually, he is led into many bloody battles in order to fight for the freedom of all those residing in Tusukuru. Along the way, Hakuoro meets several other strong warriors from several other countries and tribes who are fully accepted into Hakuoro's growing family. Many moments of hardship and laughter ensue as time continues but with Hakuoro leading the way, all others are confident in his ability to lead.

The story's genre is at first a fantasy-style story with heavy Ainu influence, though later develops science fiction themes towards the end. Indeed, it first appears to take place in a fantasy world full of magical beings and interesting new species of humans, but it is later revealed that it takes place in Earth's distant future.

In the present age, an archaeological expedition unearths a mysterious fossil, a fossil of a disfigured beast. Unknown to the archaeologist, the fossil is the embodiment of a forgotten god, known as Witsuarunemitea. A superior scientist stumbles in, and after some confrontation, the mysterious stranger explains that humanity isn't ready for this Missing Link, the gap in evolution between men and apes. To prevent him from talking, he shoots the archaeologist. As the archaeologist slowly dies, his blood touches the fossil, and the forgotten god awakens.

Witsuarunemitea, a shattered and forgotten deity, sees opportunity in the dying archaeologist. He offers the archaeologist life, in exchange for becoming his vessel, so that Witsuarunemitea can finally find the sleep he so desires. Time passes, and eventually he becomes frozen in ice.

With Witsuarunemitea still bound in sleep as his mask, the archaeologist re-awakens many years into the future. He finds himself in an underground research facility, where he is being studied as an ancient human specimen. The archaeologist learns from the researchers that humanity is now unable to exist outside of a greenhouse environment, and hence the remnants of humanity now live underground.

Mizushima, a researcher, is assigned to the care and study of the archaeologist, who is now referred to as the Iceman. Upon discovering that the 'Iceman' can withstand the bacteria on Earth's surface, the researchers look to harness his unique genome and emulate the invigorating characteristics of his mask. Of the thousands of creations, only a select few prove to be viable, including experiments 3510 and 63. Experiment number 3510, a beautiful young girl, is given the name Mikoto by the Iceman; as is experiment number 63, a girl with black wings, whom is given the name Mutsumi. Mutsumi, acknowledging she has come from the Iceman's DNA, addresses him as "father".

The genome project encounters some problems, however, and the researchers in charge decide to re-freeze the Iceman for later study. Mizushima, aware of the human side of the Iceman, urges him to run, and gives him the facility's master key, a plain-colored ring recognized by the facility's doors.

The Iceman runs from the facility, taking Mikoto with him, whom he has fallen in love with. After a few years have passed, Mikoto gives birth to a daughter. The researchers, however, put on environmental suits in order to pursue the Iceman and recapture both him and Mikoto. Mikoto is dissected for further research, but while Iceman is being prepared to be frozen, his rage awakens Witsuarunemitea.

Outraged by the treatment of Mikoto, a new side of Witsuarunemitea begins to form. Filled with rage, Witsuarunemitea destroys most of the facility. Appalled by what the humans would do to obtain immortality, Witsuarunemitea grants their plea, transforming them into immortal gelatinous beings. Eventually, the great god accrues so much rage as to split himself into two halves: one which seeks destruction, and another, which seeks only to be destroyed.

Suddenly, Mutsumi appears, and empowered by Witsuarunemitea's divine blood, she puts both halves of Witsuarunemitea to sleep. Meanwhile, the few successful genetic experiments from the research facility begin to repopulate the Earth's surface, as the original humanity slowly dies out and is forgotten. The research facility is sealed away forever, and the people are told it is Witsuarunemitea's holy land.

Years later, a shift in the world awakens the two halves of Witsuarunemitea, who begin to combat each other; the destructive side wanting to help the populace of the world reach new height through wars, and its opposite through peaceful cooperation. The empress of Kunnekamun (whose people; the Shakukopuro, are being massacred) seeks out the destructive side, and is granted with a power called the Avu-Kamuu, massive bio-mechanical constructs covered in platemail, allowing them to exist in the world of war and hegemony.

Eventually, the fighting of the two halves causes a great earthquake. Arurū, a young girl of Kenashikourupe, is in the process of climbing a tree to recover a beehive when the earthquake strikes, and falls, becoming greatly injured. Erurū, Arurū's sister, prays Witsuarunemitea to heal Arurū, and promises, in exchange, her body and soul. Witsuarunemitea obliges.

Both halves of Witsuarunemitea are heavily injured in the battle, and both halves are put to sleep. The destructive half was found by Dii, a scholar of Onkamiyamukai, who fuses with the demigod. The half that wishes to be destroyed retains his body, and is found in the woods by Erurū.

The events of Utawarerumono then take place.

My Opinion
first time i play this game, i thought it will be a serious game, which will make me
thinking a lot, but it turn out really-really different from what i've imagine.
The game has very cool and touching storyline, and also the game is funny as hell, yeah it often makes us laugh just by the clumsiness of the character itself, starting from the main protagonist into the supporting character.

lets talk about the gameplay, i will give you the brief explanation about it
"Utawarerumono features a tactical role-playing battle system that centers around the player moving a group of characters through a square-based grid during turn-based battles in order to achieve an objective. The objective of the battle, displayed in the upper-right hand corner the screen when viewing the actions available for a specific character, comprise of the player either defeating any number of enemies or moving one or all characters to a specific location. During each character's turn, the player may choose to have the character move, attack, or cast magic, of which only moving and attacking can be performed in succession, in that order. When a character attacks an enemy character, the player is given a chance to add additional attacks should he or she time his or her mouse click by clicking while a yellow circle is present on screen that disappears shortly after appearing. The number of attacks that the player can add to a character's attack is randomly generated and affected by each individual character's abilities, and the total number of attacks that the player can add attack varies from character to character. After adding a certain number of attacks to the character will perform a special finishing attack should they have the required abilities. As characters defeat enemies and participate in battle, they gain experience points at the end of battle which are used to "pay" for increasing the character's abilities."

to much ee... ^^
to make it simple, the battle system is kick ass.. thats all.. :D
here's the picture

Character(main character)
1.Hakuoro (ハクオロ?)

Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese), John Gremillion (English)
Hakuoro wears an irremovable mask over the top part of his head extended down to just under the eyes. He is found badly injured by Erurū, Arurū and their grandmother in a nearby forest and they nurse him back to health. It is soon apparent that he has lost all of his memories, and he additionally finds that the state of the world varies significantly from his expectations (e.g. certain anatomical attributes are now considered normal, such as ears and tails). In place of his forgotten name, he is given the name Hakuoro (白皇, meaning "White Emperor" in Ainu, also the name of Erurū and Arurū's father). His main weapon of choice is a large metal fan that was given to him by Tusukuru. He quickly captivates and gains the trust of those around him, and soon finds himself in a growing position of leadership. Although it seems for a time that his identity is Rakshain, a murderous traitor, it is eventually revealed that he is the embodiment of the good half of the god Witsarunemitea and he recalls his memories as Iceman. After Hakuoro's final battle with the darker half of Witsarunemitea, the halves join together once again, with Hakuoro's side straining to maintain dominance. He decides to seal himself away so that his other side will not cause anymore destruction, and bids farewell to each of his comrades. Eruru confesses her love for Hakuoro and, in the anime, the two share a kiss. Hakuoro says that he will return and Eruru says that she will wait for him. The conclusion hints that Hakuoro returns through the final scene with Eruru, and this hint is especially strong in the anime.

Iceman (アイスマン?)
In the earliest of Hakuoro's memories, he is seen as an archeological research scholar who stumbled upon Witsarunemitea's fossil hidden in an advanced laboratory. An unknown scientist catches him and explains that he did not want anyone to know of this forgotten deity; the "missing link" in human evolution-- for he felt that it should not exist. To protect its concealment, he shot the archeologist and his blood landed on the fossil. Witsarunemitea then awakened and restored him in exchange for taking his body as a vessel so that he will not be disturbed again. As a symbol of the contract, he acquired the mask which represents Witsarunemitea. Much later, his frozen body is found by researchers who unfreeze him and dub him 'Iceman'. Although initially under the pretense of helping him, the researchers were actually interested in researching his ability to survive outside of a greenhouse environment and interested in further increasing their longevity. Artificial beings based on his body were created for further studies, including subject #63 whom he named "Mutsumi". He then escaped with subject #3510 who he named Mikoto, and had a child with her; although they are both eventually recaptured. The scientists dissected Mikoto, which caused Iceman to go into a rage and awaken his abilities as Witsarunemitea. Realizing what he is doing, he asks Mutsumi to destroy him; but she is unsuccessful. Instead, she manages to seal him, but he is separated into two: Hakuoro possessing his good side and his human form; and a formless evil side that must possess a host body to gain physical form. However, the seal cannot hold indefinitely and the two halves periodically become free. In the current timeline, Hakuoro awakens with no memories, and the latest of the forms taken by the darker side is that of the Onkamiyamukai scholar Dii.

2.Erurū (エルルゥ?)

(actually she didn't wear that clothes.. ^^)

Voiced by: Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese), Kira Vincent-Davis (English)
Eruruu is the first person Hakuoro meets when he wakes up after being found by her and her family. She nurses Hakuoro back to health until he is strong enough to go walking outside, with much initial assistance provided by Eruruu and a walking stick. Later, she falls in love with Hakuoro. She is the reincarnation of Mikoto. Eruruu kisses Hakuoro before he is sealed as he tells her that they will meet again and that she will be waiting for him. At the end of the anime, she continues as a healer and is awaiting Hakuoro's return. In the last scene she turns around and sees someone or something. However it does not show who she saw. It is implied by many to be Hakuoro without Witsarunemitea's mask. In the game version, this is strongly implied as prior to that scene, Kūya, Kamyu and Arurū are all shown acting as if they saw Hakuoro again. Eruruu has a forceful, but caring, personality. She is named after a flower that only exists in the story. In the game and manga, she is often found displeased of her small breast size. She also has dog-like ears and a tail.

3.Arurū (アルルゥ?)

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Sasha Paysinger (English)
Arurū is Erurū's shy, quiet younger sister, and a friend to Yuzuha and Kamyu. Like Erurū, she is also named after a fictional flower. It is said that the Erurū and Arurū flowers grow together. When she first meets Hakuoro, she is shy and recalcitrant, running and hiding from Hakuoro at every opportunity and speaking very little. After Hakuoro eventually wins over Arurū's affections, she calls Hakuoro otōsan (お父さん?, meaning "father"). How Hakuoro does so, incidentally, depends on whether one is playing the game or watching the anime. In the game, Arurū warms up to Hakuoro after he is willing to accept honey directly from a beehive from her so that they may eat it together. In the anime, Hakuoro wins over Arurū by sparing the life of a baby white tiger, even though its mother, Mutikapa, a large, white tiger with special traits, had killed many innocent people (and despite the fact that almost all the villagers wanted the baby tiger killed; they were however willing to defer to Hakuoro's judgment since his plan saved their lives). Regardless, in both the game and the anime, Arurū took in that baby tiger and raised it as if it were her own, naming it Mukkuru. After it grows (in an astoundingly short period of time), she begins to ride him into battle, often in spite of orders or warnings to stay away from danger. It is later revealed that Aruru had been severely injured presumably from an earthquake prior to the meeting Hakuoro. Witsuarunemitea healed her for the exchange of Eruru's body, and soul. She is also heavily wounded and presumably has died from an attack from Hauenka and is revived by Witsarunemitea.

Ok folks i thinks that all..
yeah the main character, it has a ton of character actually..
but the crucial character is only those three
the rest.. is.. is.. is...
you can say that has less impact.. but it sure does has an impact..
but. butt.. but....
that's all folks...
i will give some pic of the character (my fav only ^^)

Touka... oh Touka..
Tōka (トウカ?)

Voiced by: Kaya Miyake (Japanese), Sofia Mendez (English)
Touka is an Evenkuruga mononofu (warrior) who in the beginning serves under Lord Orikakan. After Orikakan is murdered by Niwe, she swears vengeance, and, seeing the respect which Hakuoro pays to the fallen emperor, pledges fealty to Hakuoro to serve as his bodyguard and, omitted from her mention to him as part of her services, bear him a child. In the game, she pledges fealty because Arruru and Erruru convinced her that Hakuoro is a good person. She obsessively follows this oath, true to her clan's nature. However, even though it was part of the oath, she failed to have a baby with him because she was tricked by Karura into thinking that she would become pregnant by drinking Hakuoro's semen. She fights using a slim sword of an unspecified variety which she combines with her astonishing agility to execute swift and deadly attacks.

Touka is a member of the Evenkuruga tribe, a small clan living near the steppes (which steppes they inhabit are never mentioned in the series). The Evenkuruga are blessed with such extraordinary fighting abilities that many have carved their names in history; they are a deeply moralistic people and side with good and fight evil in the name of justice and honor. This is mentioned several times during the anime, such as when Touka declares "In the name of justice and honor, I shall support Kuccha Keecha" or when Benawi speculates that Touka would not defile her sense of justice, even if it meant losing her life. At the end of the series she follows Hakuoro's request and acts as a protector of the weak and is also working together with Karura as a wandering mercenary.

She is sometimes seen as the comic relief, mostly due to her over-protectiveness of Hakuoro (such as picking through every piece of a fish before letting the new Emperor eat it, searching for poison) and her feminine side, which conflicts with her warrior-like persona.

Karurauatsurei (Karura) (カルラゥアツゥレイ(カルラ)?)

Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)
Karura was once princess of Nan-Tunku before the Shakukoporu deposed her and placed a puppet leader at the head of the state. She joins Hakuoro after she is found having slaughtered many soldiers from another country who were holding her prisoner. Despite showing concern for her country (which she conceals), she has forsaken her past as royalty and decided to live her life as Karura, a simple woman, and as a sign of this vow continues to wear a large metal collar around her neck placed there in her captivity. She is one of the last two Giriyaginas on Earth, along with Derihourai, her younger brother. She is often seen drinking sake, even on the battle field (She could drink several barrels of sake in one day). Karura wields a massive black blade (personally designed to not break, not dull and not need resharpening), which is so ridiculously large and heavy that no one else can lift it. She uses it in conjunction with her superhuman strength to deal tremendous damage to her enemies. The name Karura (迦楼羅, 迦樓羅, or 迦留羅), also known as Garuda and Garua, comes from the Hindu and Buddhist myth of the man-bird deity. Her name is Karula in the English version. Her weapon, can be said to be a powerful limiter on her body. For when she throws it down to fight under her own power, she is blindingly fast. At the end of the series she and Touka become famous wandering mercenaries.

yup.. that's all ^^

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